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January 2018 - School News

11th January 2018

Artist of the Week

I am very excited to have received our new 'Artist of the week' postcards, that will be sent home for students that have worked really hard in their Art (or Photography) lessons. I have been looking at designing a postcard for a little while, then when I saw the excellent Graffiti work that the year 8's were designing online, I asked Luke Harris if he'd be happy for me to use his image on the postcard.

I have sent a few postcards home retrospectively from the end of last term & there are more to come. I am looking out for students that have an excellent attitude towards their artwork & are working well, so it's not only the most able artists who can receive these awards. I hope that both parents & students will feel proud of their achievements, just as I am. There is some fantastic work coming from students across all key stages, I am very much looking forward to sending more postcards home soon.

18th December 2017

Book Giveaway

In partnership with the National Literacy Trust, we are delighted to have given every pupil a free book to take home this Christmas.  As most pupils read digitally, we hope to secure future funding to repeat this event next term, in order to help pupils build their own home libraries of paper books they enjoy.

We were touched by the enthusiasm and joy exhibited by most pupils when they received theirs.

 Multi Award Winning Author Visits 

Pupils were treated to a riveting read and workshop with award-wining author Alex Wheatle on Friday 15th December. Alex, who won the Guardian Children’s Fiction price in 2016 for his young adult novel, Crongton Knights was also runner up for the Carnegie Medal in 2016 for his novel, Liccle Bit. The author, who was awarded an MBE in 2008, for his services to literature, draws on his own experiences to create his novels. Alex had a difficult start in life, growing up in a children’s home and subsequently on the tough estates of South London and it is this experience that informs much of his writing.

Although his novels deal with difficult social issues, gang crime and broken homes, the books are also funny and Wheatle’s characters show great love, strength and determination in adverse circumstances. Our appreciative pupils listened spell- bound as this hugely inspiring and talented author spent the day with them, giving them tips on their own creative writing; ‘write about what you know,’ he advised Joe, 13, who asked for top tips on story writing. Whilst tucking into school dinner, Alex chatted to the children, about empathy, creating character and the enduring power of reading to change lives…’read, read, read,’ he advised his young audience.

It’s advice that staff and pupils will certainly be taking to heart this Christmas holidays.

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