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Northern House School (Wokingham)

We are grateful for the time that HMI spent at the school in July and for her report.

She rightly acknowledges the efforts made by our staff team, in challenging circumstances, to achieve the following:

    • steady strengthening in safeguarding procedures for on-site and off-site pupils
    • improvement in teaching and learning in primary classes
    • improvements in support staff deployment
    • vast improvement in attendance monitoring, with improved pupil and family support
    • more robust reporting on pupils' progress

During the summer break, the Trust has spent a good deal of time and money on upgrading the facilities which now includes a bright and modern primary division extension, complemented by new ICT.

The Trust has also been in regular touch with the Department for Education and Regional Schools Commissioner with a view to identifying another Trust to move the school forward as Northern House relinquishes control early in the new year.

We expect to be able to make an announcement on this in the near future.

In the meantime, parents can rest assured that no effort is being spared as we strive to offer all our pupils the very best education possible. We are not so much winding down operations as stepping up efforts to respond to the new Ofsted framework by developing a more creative and innovative curriculum.

An early example of this is an activity-based trip to the Isle of Sark in October for a number of pupils in the secondary phase. This will develop their social skills and self-confidence as well as being a lot of fun.

We are grateful to the DfE for its recent offer of additional resource which will help us make further improvements during the course of this term.

Parents and carers can rest assured that the headteacher and dedicated staff team are always available to discuss any concerns they may have, and this will remain the case until the day that we pass on the baton.


Ian Barker, CEO, Northern House School Academy Trust

September 2019


First Day Of Pupil Term

Thursday 5th September 2019
School will start at 10.30am for all pupils

July 2019 - School News


Sports Day - Friday 11th July - 1pm to 2.30pm

Whole School Trip - Chessington World Of Adventure - Tuesday 16th  July 
Depart 9am - Return  4.30pm

Primary School Celebration Assembly - Thursday 18th July - 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Secondary School Celebration Assembly - Friday 19th July - 11.15am to 12.15pm



June 2019 - School News

17 June 2019

'Statement From The Board' - Click the link to read

February 2019 - School News

20th February 2019

Five Foundations For Character

1) Sport

At Northern House, our sports’ programme is ever evolving as we endeavour to provide a broad range of opportunities for our young people to be more active.

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11th February 2019

Over the coming week, we will explore how Northern House is ensuring that our pupils have opportunities to enrich their learning through our extensive wider curriculum provision, how we are already laying these foundations. 

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Safer Internet Day 

On Tuesday, 5th February, Northern House is joining the global Safer Internet Day campaign to promote the safe and responsible use of technology. 

 This year’s theme ‘Together for a better internet’ will be celebrated in over 130 countries, and see our pupils join hundreds of organisations right across the UK and globally to play their part in helping to create a better internet.

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January 2019 - School News

28th January 2019

Changes to the way OFSTED inspects schools

A message from our CEO, Mr Ian Barker

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November 2018 - School News

2nd November 2018

A group of ks3/4 students visited the University of Reading. At Northern House School Wokingham we encourage our students to participate in extracurricular activities outside of the classroom and give them an opportunity to develop new interests.

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October 2018 - School News

31st October 2018

"Practical work mirrors the pioneering investigative and exploratory nature of science”

Hands-on learning experiences are key to the development of skills and the tying together of practical and theory. Good quality practical work can not only engage students with the processes of scientific enquiry but also communicate the excitement and wonder of the subject.

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