Any pupil who has been offered admission will not appear on the school roll until he/she attends for the first time as a confirmed pupil.



  • To ensure our provision is used efficiently by offering places to pupils whose SEMH needs can best be met by our approach.
  • To ensure a balanced school population in terms of age, types of disturbance and day/residential in accordance with the equal opportunities policy and efficient use of resources.
  • To make the process of admission to Northern House School (Wokingham) comfortable for parents and pupils.


Client Group

Northern House School (Wokingham) is a 9-16, age range day/residential secondary and primary special school catering for 72 mixed gender pupils of broad average ability who have SEMH.  It caters for pupils who can access the full National Curriculum to GCSE examination level in small structured classes with a high level of staffing and pastoral support. Class sizes are designed round 6 pupils to a group.  Where pupils are admitted whose needs are significantly greater than the majority of pupils in the school the teaching group size may be reduced. 
The Residential Unit offers weekly boarding and has a capacity for up to 13 pupils who need the stability of a consistent 24hr programme in order to enable them to successfully access the educational provision.
Each year the school would normally admit pupils into Year 5 and throughout Key Stage 3.  Extra careful consideration is made before a pupil is admitted to the school in Year 10.  Historical evidence indicates that pupils admitted at this late stage often do not succeed, particularly if the placement is not made at the start of the academic year. Year 10 pupils will not be enrolled routinely after the first half term of Year 10.   It is the policy of the school not to admit pupils during their final year of compulsory schooling, except in very exceptional circumstance and after very careful consideration.

Procedure For Admission

The Special Education Department of the local education authority administers referrals to Northern House School (Wokingham).  Pupils with special educational needs are considered by a panel, who determine the appropriate form of provision.
All pupils have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) which will both name the school and detail the provision it offers under the 1996 Education Act.
If the panel considers Northern House School (Wokingham) as an appropriate placement, the advice received for assessment will be forwarded to the Headteacher.  This should include background information, containing evidence of level of functioning, including an EP report no more than 18 months old, along with a draft or full EHCP, in cases where evidence is poor the School or LEA will request up dated information from the referring Authority.
If for any reason the Headteacher, acting on behalf of the Governing Body, considers that the placement is not appropriate, then the school will request that the panel reconsiders. However, the SEN Code of Practice states that a LA can direct the Headteacherto accept a pupil.
The school will arrange a meeting to allow the parents and pupil to view the school.  They will also receive a brochure and pupil guide.
After a successful visit and a two day pupil assessment process, should parents and the LEA agree that Northern House School (Wokingham) is the appropriate placement, the following options are available.
If the child meets the Northern House School (Wokingham) admissions criteria, a date for full admission will be arranged accordingly and details of transport confirmed.
In the case of a boarder, a trial evening visit to the residence will also be arranged.