Food in School

Helping children make the right food choices is an important part of our school curriculum. We ask for your cooperation and support in this really important area of our work.



Packed lunches

Pupils may also bring a packed lunch, or their own fruit and healthy snacks from home. Please provide a balanced meal for your child – we do not allow any sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks in school. Potato crisps are also full of salt and we prefer not to see them in school.

Drinks may be brought in cartons or flasks but cans and glass bottles are not permitted.  


A choice of meals are provided each lunchtime at a cost of £2.25 for Secondary pupils and £2.05 for Primary pupils.  Pupils who require school lunch are requested to ensure that they hand the money to the office early in the day, or if possible at the beginning of the week.

If you are receipt of income support your child may be entitled to free meals.  Please contact the school for further details.



Following a number of enquiries from parents/carers about allergy information and special diets, please email your details to or fax 01892 825003 and they will be happy to help you.