Halloween Skeleton Competition! KS3/4

Skeleton Competition for Halloween! KS3/4

Paper skeletons are great to have around. They are popular for learning the skeletal system in anatomy, as Halloween decorations, or just for fun! Making a paper skeleton model in school can teach you about bones and be a fun activity at the same time.

KS3 students learnt about the Skeletal System :

We have 206 bones in our body. Each bone has a function. Around 70 percent of your bones are not living tissue, but hard minerals like calcium.                                                                         
There are two types of bone marrow, yellow and red.

 In the skeleton  making competition for ks3 /KS4

  1. K. C, J. S, P.P, Won first prize.
  2. C. P & G. L
  3. K. M & J. O

 Well done to all ks3/KS4 students that took part in the competition!