Science Practical

"Practical work mirrors the pioneering investigative and exploratory nature of science”

Hands-on learning experiences are key to the development of skills and the tying together of practical and theory. Good quality practical work can not only engage students with the processes of scientific enquiry but also communicate the excitement and wonder of the subject.

Mastery of the Bunsen burner is a major milestone for any science student. Also using a Bunsen burner can be one of the most exciting parts of a laboratory experience. It may look easy, but there are many safety measures to keep in mind with lighting a Bunsen burner. Apart from reinforcing the safety rules when working in the laboratory and learning the parts of the Bunsen Burner our ks3 students were able to apply their knowledge and experiment with the blue and the yellow flame.

They were all rewarded with a certificate for the successful session. Students learn lots by trying things out and then explaining what they have found out to others.

 After all, Science is all about experiments and having fun!